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If you are on this website you are interested in photographs and horses.

We are looking for someone interested in horses and photography enough to stand in a field all day. Ideally you should have your own SLR camera of at least 8M pixel and telephoto lens and you must be able to get to the events. Experience of horse photography is not essential as we will show you the photos we want, but just look at ours as a guide.

We are looking for help 31st Aug to 4th Sept at Scope this year to ensure we cover every horse in every class in every ring. As a minimum you must be willing to photograph at least a whole class from start to finish including presentation of rosettes. We need at least 4 jumps photographed without missing a horse. The timing is critical, we need a photograph immediately the horse has left the ground, in level flight and just about to land for each horse. Classes (two to four a day per ring) normally start at 8.00am and finish between 5.00 and 7.00pm.

I envisage someone already going to Scope and looking to earn some money while they are there, but you may be an experienced equestrian photographer looking for mid week work. The important thing is you must be reliable and committed to taking the best photograph in the sun, cold, wind and rain without a break until the class finishes. If you live a distance you may be able to stay in a tent or caravan at the showground.

If you are interested please email me some information about yourself including, if you ride, where you are based