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Glossy Prints

These are printed using Lyson Pigmented Inks on brilliant white Olmec paper manufactured by ICI. The combination of these two superior products give long lasting colour that have a very high fade resistance.

The Paper.

All Olmec papers offer photo quality images but for a true photographic look and feel we choose the 260gsm Heavyweight Gloss. These papers are instantly dry from the printer, water resistant, and produce vibrant, vivid, long lasting colours. Thanks to the resin-coated paper base (as used for traditional photos) and microporous coating, these papers are indistinguishable from a conventional photograph some would say they look even better!

The Inks.

There are two types of ink available for use in the majority of desktop inkjet printers on the market today: pigment inks and dye-based inks (we use pigmented). While conventional inks are essentially oil-based dyes, pigment inks consist of tiny chunks of solid pigment suspended in a liquid solution. According to their proponents, pigment inks offer richer, deeper colours and have fewer tendencies to run, bleed or feather. When combined with a microporous or matt-coated paper they can offer longevity comparable to a silver halide print (normal photograph). They are water resistant should you show your friends in the rain. (it has happened).

Print Sizes.

We print on the day A5 (148 210mm) with a white border, borderless A4 (210 297mm), borderless A3 (297 420mm) and borderless A3+ (329mm x 483mm) sized prints. You will note that A4 size is twice the size of A5 and A3 is twice the size of A4. We can also print banner sized prints 12 inches high and up to 8 foot long. Other sizes are currently sent out for printing.

The prints are delivered without mounts in a clear plastic sleeve. We don't supply mounts because 1/ we can’t buy them in the sizes we print, 2/ the cost of the mount and 3/ the increase postage. Although when they arrive they look great most people then take them out of the mount and put them in a foto album or into a frame which means wasted money.