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SouthView Home Pony 2015

Any copying of images from this website will incur a £100 unauthorised charge without exception and without predudice to further action.

Non payment will incur extra collection fees

28th October - Wednesday

29th October - Thursday

30th October - Friday

31st October - Saturday

1st November - Sunday


29,500 photos

Hi, for digital images for Facebook etc please order web images from website at £10 each. I will email photos to you for Facebook Postage will be refunded.


If you want 6 or more of the same pony from the same class the cost would be £60 for all including presentations. If you want all of the photos from the 4 days of the same pony the total cost would be £90. Please email the photo numbers. You can pay over the phone by card or pay online through PayPal to


You can also order Hi Res images to print from.