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Kelsall Hill Dressage Finals 28th March 2015

We have a new Pay to View scheme called PAY, VIEW, SAVE to help make our photographs more affordable and increase our sales so that we can continue to support local equestrian events. To do this we have reduced our prices from £10 for a web image suitable for facebook etc down to a few pence but for this to work for us everyone has to participate. We are charging £20 each rider/combination and for this you are able to download all of your pictures from this event for no additional fee.

So For Example Molly has 227 photos for £20 - 8.8 pence each image

Please see Nightwatchman as an example


So you PAY then you can VIEW and then you can SAVE the photos and share on Facebook etc and you SAVE money

Payment is in advance of viewing and can be made over the phone 0797 108 4241 using a debit/credit card or by making a payment via paypal using your card. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL OR TEXT YOUR CARD DETAILS.

If you or someone else has paid thank you and your Photos are Here - Please give me time to load them up

Photos may be loaded within 10 mins or it may be later that day, I will also email them as soon as I do them.

Name of Horse/Pony

On the website your photos from all the classes will all be together in one folder under your Horses/Pony's name. Photos are not adjusted however if you buy prints or a digital image they will be. We make no promises as to how many photos of you there are but please see the thumbnails and the riders I already uploaded as examples.

The photos may be used for any non commercial purpose and used as often as needed. Please note these are web images and they are not suitable for printing but are great for facebook or to save on your phone to show your friends. They may be used to sell your horse or promote your stable etc but not to sell a range of saddles for example. Please do not remove the logo.

To download and save your pictures on a PC please find your photo, right click on top of the picture and "Save As" and save to your desk top. There is no time limit they will always be here (well years)

Kelsall Hill Dressage Finals 28th March 2015

Rider List to follow