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Equine Rising Stars - Showing Spectacular - 14th March 2015

Your Photos are Here

You may pay for all digital images of one Horse/Pony here. The cost is £20.00 and you will need to go through the classes and email me with the photo numbers you want. Grahxxxx or imgxxxx. They must be the same horse or Pony and only this show. I will email them to you, the indoor photos will be batch adjusted so may still require further improvement.

Please note button does not "animate"

For your guidence in the future these were the classes and when you look at the photos they should be in class order. However we do make mistakes. Please check other classes as well.

We did not photograph the indoor (early ridden classes) in the morning. When you view the photos if your class number is not there I am sorry we didn't take photos.

We don't use Flash as we believe it distracts the competitors and potentially the Horses/Pony and we would not want to be responsible for the outcome. We do use one of the very best cameras but even that struggles in the indoor light at Alsager. All photos will be corrected for brightness and colour however please accept the photos will not be perfect. The photos you see here have NOT been adjusted. Please ask if in doubt.

Judges: A Taylor Jackson for In Hand and Andrew Hobin for Ridden

Class 1: Youngstock Native 1, 2 and 3 year old colt, filly and gelding
Class 2: Youngstock Non-Native 1, 2 and 3 Year old colt, filly and gelding -sponsored by Grinshill Stud
Class 3: In Hand Welsh A and B
Class 4: In Hand Welsh C and D - Sponsored by Vintage by Cupcake
Class 5: In hand Mountain and Moorland - small and large breeds (excluding welsh) - Sponsored by Internet Horse Showing
Class 6: In Hand Veterans - Horses and ponies 15years and over - Sponsored by DS Whitfield
Class 7: In Hand Race Horse/Thoroughbred - Sponsored by Setitalight
Class 7A: In Hand Hacks - Sponsored by Clare Poole Show Team
Class 8: In Hand Coloured - non-native -sponsored by Easi bed
Class 9: In Hand Coloured - Native, cob and Traditional sponsored by Eddie and Pauline Underwood
Class 10: In Hand Hunter type - Sponsored by Clare Poole Show Team
Class 11: In Hand Riding type - Sponsored by Clare Poole Show Team
Class 12: In Hand foreign Breeds
Class 13: In Hand Miniatures - To include Shetlands
Class 14: Open In Hand - Any age, height, breed - Sponsored by Dreamchaser Equestrian
Class 15: Young Handler - Handlers 12 years and under
Class 16: Ridden Riding/Show Pony - not exceeding 148cm - Sponsored by Olivia Rofle
Class 17: Ridden Show hunter Pony - not exceeding 153cm - Sponsored by RTB Building
Class 18: Ridden Novice Pony - not exceeding 148cm -Sponsored by Vintage by Cupcake
Class 19: Ridden Novice Horse - exceeding 148cm
Class 20: Beginners showing - cantering only in individual show - Sponsored by A and M Plastering
Class 21: Ridden Foreign Breeds
Class 22: Ridden Part bred horse and Pony -Sponsored by Rockley Stables
Class 23: Ridden Welsh A and B - Lead Reins not permitted - Sponsored by The Mapelbeck Stud
Class 24: Ridden Welsh C and D - Sponsored by Vintage by Cupcake
Class 25: Ridden Mountain and Moorland - Excluding Welsh
Class 26: Ridden Veterans - horses to be 15years and over - Sponsored by Elvera Pony Rescue
Class 27: Lead Rein Mountain and Moorland - Sponsored by Dawn and Mick Hughes
Class 28: Lead Rein Riding/hunter pony -sponsored by Rockely stables
Class 29: First year first ridden - Walk and Trot only - Sponsored by Sue Williams
Class 30: First Ridden - Riders 12 years and under, ponies not to exceeding128cm - Sponsored by The Tack Shack
Class 31: Ridden Racehorse/Thoroughbred - Sponsored by Setitalight
Class 32: Ridden Cobs - hogged or hairy - Sponsored by Clare Poole Show Team
Class 33: Ridden Coloured - non-native - Sponsored by The Clohessy Family
Class 34: Ridden Coloured - Native, Cob and Traditional - Sponsored by Dawn Wye
Class 35: Ridden Riding Horse - exceeding 148cm - Sponsored by Russel Chadwick Farrier
Class 36: Ridden Hack - not to exceeding 163cm - Sponsored by Clare Poole Show Team
Class 37: Ridden Hunter Horse - Sponsored by Amie Jayne Hudson

Supreme Championships
Native In hand Championship - classes 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 13 - Sponsored by Vickys Ponies
Non-Native In hand Championship - Classes 2, 6, 7, 7A, 8, 10, 11 - Sponsored by Neil Harrison
Mini Championship - Classes 27, 28, 29, 30 - Sponsored by Top Farm
Novice Championship - Classes 18, 19, 20 - Sponsored by Station Valeting
Ridden Pony Championship - Classes 16, 17, 23 - Sponsored by Giggles and Frills
Ridden Horse Championship - Classes 31, 35, 36, 37 - Sponsored by Blue Chip
Overall Supreme of Show