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EnduranceGB Wirral 13th June 2015

We have a new Pay to View scheme called PAY, VIEW, SAVE to help make our photographs more affordable you are able to download all of your pictures for use on Facebook etc.from this event for no additional cost.

Special offer until end of June, Buy two A5 prints for £20*, like us on Facebook and get a third FREE**

* Order at list price and I will refund. ** email afterwards or leave note when you check out specifying picture number.

So you PAY £10 then you can VIEW and then you can SAVE the photos and share on Facebook etc and you SAVE money

Payment can be made over the phone 0797 108 4241 using a debit/credit card or by making a payment via paypal below


If you have paid thank you and your Photos will be Here and emailed to you

Rider Number/Name of Horse/Pony Please.
If you are charged £2 postage i will refund it.

On the website your photos from all the classes will all be together in one folder under your Horses/Pony's name and I will email your photos as well. Please appreciate you are paying to view your photos which are not adjusted however if you buy prints or a digital image they will be. I can contol the quality of the photo including the timing but i can't control your facial expressions, yours or the horses legs, how you are sat etc so you may not like some of the photos but this is not a reason for a refund or more free photos.

We make no promises as to how many photos of you there are however we photograph 4 or 5 jumps per class. Please see the riders already shown as examples.

The photos may be used for any non commercial purpose and used as often as needed. Please note these are web images and they are not suitable for printing but are great for facebook or to save on your phone to show your friends. They may be used to sell your horse or promote your stable etc but not to sell a range of saddles for example. Please do not remove the logo.

To download your pictures on a PC please find your photo, right click on top of the picture and "Save As" and save to your desk top. There is no time limit they will always be here (well years)

Rider List
2 Ibn Derkisha Ridden By Rachael Atkinson
3 Bonanza Bin Shuwaimeh Ridden By Terence Madden
4 Rassam Ridden By Anne Booth
5 Bashir Ridden By Lorna Kidson
6 Krayaan Nasser Ridden By Josie Ratter-Evison
7 Cemon Ridden By Emily Mchugh
10 HS Jibran Ridden By Natalie Edwards
11 Alfred Ridden By Alison Thorburn
12 Bowerwood Aquashan Ridden By Vicky Thorburn
13 Mister Mylo Ridden By Charley Colquhoun
15 Diamond Destiny Ridden By Anna Collins
16 Granby Sting Ridden By Maureen Langham
17 Merlin III Ridden By Bethan Lewis
18 Sahir Opulence Ridden By Katy Mellor
19 Crystal Magic Star Ridden By Philip Hirst
20 Oakleaze Farm Czarko Ridden By Lauren Mills
21 Diamond Flight Ridden By Jill Thorburn
25 Shannon Ridden By Philip Cooper
26 Sulan Electric Prince Ridden By Kathleen Mcghee
27 Clicquot Of Scaleby Ridden By Amanda Crompton
28 Dougie Ridden By Kirsten Nokling
29 Pele Ridden By Beti Gordon
30 Aberllwyd Ibn Phariz Ridden By Susan Higgins
31 Tiffaala Ridden By Sally Mellor
32 Red House Lily Marlene Ridden By Sam Parkinson
33 CA Jalmeer Ridden By John Black
40 Sylvanpark Scallywag Ridden By Lesley Parker
41 Utopist Toul Ar Choat Ridden By Penny Pearce
42 Magners Gold Ridden By Jane Wyatt
43 Cf Winter Amadeus Ridden By Pat Guerin
44 Gayhanieh's Star Ridden By Lesley Cantrill
45 Fifi Ridden By Diane Hudson
50 Just Ted Ridden By Annette Schumer
51 Copshawholm Roman Emperor Ridden By Jean Spearing
52 Ervelough Tomas Ridden By Joy Toomer
53 Hilin Dollar Ridden By Max Wilson
54 Ebony Mistic Star Ridden By Carys Roberts
55 Diamond Deal Ridden By Stephen Roberts
56 John Henry Collier Ridden By Immogen Roe
57 Special K Ridden By Sophie Scott
58 Hollyhedge Jakarta Ridden By Alexandra Rushton
59 Amazlad Of The Hollies Ridden By Jacqueline Rushton
60 Khezya Ridden By Dale Jones
61 Ohran O Feillion Ridden By Timothy Jones
62 Bha Sultan Ridden By Linda Cowperthwaite
63 Addiewell Prince Charming Ridden By Gillian Bower
70 Miss Kitty Ridden By Sarah Bamber
71 Ryelands Max A Million Ridden By Jamie Houghton
72 Ethaar Ridden By Caroline Le Butt
75 Pantyfid Cloudy Ridden By Jennifer Rand
76 Sg Anesstasia Ridden By Joanna Gibson
80 Max Ridden By Clare Hamilton
81 Moragh Ridden By Jean Horsley
82 Koesheyl's Aeon Ridden By Joanne Thibodeau
83 Solitaires After Dark Ridden By Kate Hutchinson
84 Esp Can Cun De F Ridden By Jane Barnett
85 Daylight Rich Ridden By Pauline Mccartney
86 Sunny Ridden By Claire Dawes
87 Tim Ridden By Stephanie Duxbury
88 Rocky Ridden By Gail Green
89 Roxie Ridden By Sara Lougher
90 Dorocina Valiant Be Ridden By Carol Edmondson
91 Sandy Ridden By Lily Gibbons
92 Molly Ridden By Vivienne Armstrong
93 Dena Ridden By Joan Taylor
94 Moorhey Thunderbird Ridden By Emilia Austin
95 Nemo Ridden By Lynne Rendon
96 Rose Ridden By Sue Bennett
97 Templehill Jasper Ridden By Charlotte Dennett
98 Etherow Extrovert Ridden By Rachel Dennett