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Netley Hall 23rd May 2010

When ordering please include a daytime telephone number in the notes at the end of the ordering process.

All images will be adjusted and can be lightened and made sharper they will also be cropped to make the horse larger in the picture especially those long distance shots, in many cases we can also remove distracting foregrounds and backgrounds. We will do this automatically to make the best of the photo.

All the pictures on this site are of low resolution and therefore reduced quality. This is done to protect our copyright and to reduce your download times.

This web site is optimised for 1024 x 768 or larger screen size.





Photos are available in the following folders - 128cm Stepping Stones | 138cm and 128cm and 138cm Stepping Stones Presentations | 148cm Grand Prix | Adventurer and 1.10 open | Grand Prix 138cm | JC and JA | Netley Midi Stakes 75cm | Netley Mini Stakes | Netley Nippers | Netley Tiddlers 145cm | Pony Discovery 90cm open | Pony Grand Prix 128cm | Pony Progressive | Smiths Equestrian 128cm 138cm | Tiny Tots 90cm |