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Easibed Scope Festival of Show Jumping

We have photos from Scope on this web site from 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009

We only cover the outdoor rings and this year we covered all of the classes in all of the rings.

Really wet weather and strong winds led to cancellation of all Thursday's outdoor jumping!!!!!!!!!.

Please see my News page for information on your order progress and updates since Scope was Loaded. If you have been here before please use F5 to refresh your pages.

Scope 2008 Montages, if you would like one see here for examples.

Scroll down for the year and click on the day to go to the classes.

Scope 2009 Montages - Loaded but more to follow

Scope 2009 Personal Folders created at the Show - Complete

Scope 2009 Sunday - Complete

Scope 2009 Monday - Complete

Scope 2009 Tuesday - Complete

Scope 2009 Wednesday - Complete

Scope 2009 Thursday - Complete

Scope 2009 Friday - Complete

Scope 2009 Saturday - Complete