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Easibed Scope Festival of Show Jumping

We have fotos from Scope on this web site from 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007

We only cover the outdoor rings and these are the classes we fotografed.

Please see News for information on orders and updates since Scope was Loaded. If you have been here before please use F5 to refresh your pages.

If you have ordered a montage from Scope it will be here, if you would like one look here for examples, This will be updated daily I have over 100 to do - please use F5.

Scroll down for the year and click on the day to go to the classes.







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Sunday Grand

Sunday Scope

Monday Grand

Monday Scope

Monday Challenge

Monday Stafford

Tuesday Grand

Tuesday Scope

Tuesday Challenge

Tuesday Stafford

Wednesday Grand

Wednesday Scope

Wednesday Challenge
Wednesday Stafford

Thursday Grand

Thursday Scope
Thursday Challenge

Thursday Stafford

Friday Grand

Friday Scope

Friday Challenge

Friday Stafford

Saturday Grand

Saturday Challenge




National 128cms Championship - Prelim Class 37a
National Under 21/18 Championship Prelim Class 23a
6 and 7 year old Warm up Class 6
1.0m Novice and Senior British Novice Class 17a

Junior Starspotters Premlim Class 28b
6 Year Old Prelim Class 7a
1.30m Prelim Class 2a
1.0m Novice Class 17b
Senior Rider Class 20a
Junior Adventurer Class 30a
National 1.15m Class 4a
Young Riders B and C Class 22b

Under 16 Class 26a
6 Year old Class 7b
7 Year old Class 5b
National 1.15m Class 4b
1.30m Class 2b
128/138cms Class 35a
Under 21/18 Class 23b
Junior Prog Novice Class 32a

National 138cm Class 36a
5 Year Class 8b
Junior Adventurer Class 30b
Sports Horse Blue Riband Class 11b
Tiny Tots Class 36a
Top Tack Class 16a
Junior British Novice Class 34a
National Primary Class 35b

148cm Class 27a
Under 16 Class 26b
1.40m Class 1b
128cm Class 37b
Junior Prog Novice Class 32b
National B and C Class 10a
4 Year Old Class 9a
National 138cms Class 36b
Top Tack Adventurer Class 16b

148cm Class 27b
4 Year old Class 9b
5 Year old Class 8d
Junior 1.15m Class 29d
Tiny Tots Class 38b
Junior British Novice Class 34b
National B and C Class 10b
National 1.15m Class 4d- first part only
1.0m Class 17d- a few only

Tiny Tots Class 38d
Junior British Novice Class 34d
148cms Class 27d
Junior Progressive Novice Class 32d