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Scope Festival of Show Jumping 2006
Monday National 1.30 Open Junior Progressive Novice National 128 Championship National Senior Rider Championship      
Tuesday Grand Ring Top Tack Adventurer - 142nd horse to end 1.15 Championship Stafford and Challenge Arena A.M Stafford and Challenge from 2.00 p.m Under 16 Championship    
Wednesday Junior 1.15M from 11.15 and Top Tack Adventurer Junior 1.15M Members and Golden Bears Top Tack Adventurer and 1.15M champ up to 3.30pm Top Tack from 3.30 to finish Under 21 & 18 Grand Ring Young Riders B&C Champ  
Thursday 148cms and Some Tiny Tots and Presentations and Under 16s first 12 or so Junior B&C Grand Ring AM Grand Ring PM 4yr Old Junior Starspotter National B National C
Friday National 7 Year Old 148cms Champ National B&Cs Stafford Arena Junior Adventurer National 1.4 Grand Prix & Jump Off    
Saturday National 5 Year Old 6 year old jump off National 7 Year Old Junior British Novice Requested Portrait Shires  
Sunday National 1.15M Scope 6 and 7 year olds British Novice Stafford and Challenge Junior Progressive Novice and Junior British Novice and others Tiny Tots Top Tack Adventurer  
Please see Montages for examples of fotos blended together to tell a story