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Challenge Arena Stafford Arena
Class 3ii Smarter Builders 1.15M Class 11a Esengroup Young Riders Open
Mandy Hall Sport Class 27a 128cm Smith of WhiteInch Primary
Mike Willett 1.28 M Class 3i Smarter Builders 1.15M


Challenge Arena Scope Arena Stafford Arena
Pownell & Adams 1.38M Golden bear Tiny Tots Lithgow Contractors Junior Progressive Novice
Quicksplash Adventurer Smith of Whiteinch Primary Class 27b  


Challenge Arena Grand Arena Stafford Arena
Courtenay Group Junior Adventurer Leonardo Collection 4 Year Old Equiport & Pro-Sportive 5 Year Old
Oneida Viviers B&C   High Offley Stud Championship
    Whittaker Coach Builder Senior Rider Grand Prix


Grand Arena Scope Arena
Prograde Junior Novice - Class 24a Courtenay Group Junior Starspotters - Class 20b
Simon Davies Sport Horses Grand Prix Prelim Round - Class 1B Credit & Business Services Dunglenn 148cms - Class 19b
Helicopter Stratstone Maserati 6&7 Year Old - Class 8a

Saturday All Classes