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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

I found a lovely photo of my horse but its ears are all over the place, can you fix it?
Well I can usually fix the photo but not your horse. See below for the before and after, you can see I have also adjusted the contrast so you can see more detail in the horses face.

My horse is small in the background - can you make it bigger.
Indeed we can because we use 16 mega pixel cameras we can crop the photo usually without loss of quality please see below as an example. Cropping also changes the emphasis of the photo giving more impact.

cropped is the same as digital zoom

My screen layout is all over the place is this right?

Your screen should look like this, the menus at the top and the short cuts at the bottom should always be displayed.


picture of a correct screen view


This website has been designed to be used with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. If you have an earlier version you might see a poor layout. I am in the process of redesigning for Internet explorer 6 and 7. However you can upgrade to Version 7 free of charge from the Microsoft site and it is a worthwhile upgrade. You will need to have Windows XP and Service pack 2 installed (this is also free). The easiest way to get this upgrade is to turn on Automatic Updates. You can turn these on in your Control Panel. Once you have service pack 2 installed you can install Internet Explorer 7. To get Internet Explorer 7 Click here

If you need help please ring me (see my contact page) and i will talk you through it.

During a recent Fete we were photografing a group of young girls dressed up for the parade This was in the street just prior to the parade, one of the mothers was asking her child to smile for the photografer and another very soon after (same children) told us to stop taking photos as we we were not allowed to photograph children with out permission.

Whilst we did as the lady asked and deleted the photos, which meant the other lady lost out as well we were under no obligation to do so. Under UK law, there are no restrictions on taking photographs in a public place or on photography of individuals, whether they are adults or minors. There is no right to privacy in a public place, although photographers are of course subject to the usual libel laws in the same way as any other citizen and should observe them. Equipment or film may not be confiscated, or images deleted by any person or officer unless a warrant for such action is issued. Any attempt without a warrant is considered assault under UK law. For more information please see Child Protection in Sport Unit and this link UK Photographers Rights

Do you supply the photos in mounts

The prints are delivered without mounts in a clear plastic sleeve. We don't supply mounts because 1/ we can’t buy them in the sizes we print, 2/ the cost of the mount and 3/ the increase postage. Although when they arrive they look great most people then take them out of the mount and put them in a photo album or into a frame which means wasted money.