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This copyright is in place so that you pay for my work making it worthwhile for me to stand in the field all day using some £20,000 worth of equipment. I also pay the venue organisers to attend and I pay my additional photographers and other helpers. Please support me so that I can continue to attend your events.

The use of our photos from our website with Blue Print Studios or thefotografer across the centre is Theft - this includes social networking websites. We will invoice you our unauthorised use fee of £100 per use. So if the same picture appears twice we will invoice £200 etc. We will and have pursued this in the small claims court. This is our living!!! We offer a reward for information about such infringements

What you are buying and Copyright Law.

The copyright of this site and all of the images on this site and of any photographs emailed or printed and supplied to you our customer is retained by us. What this means is that you may not copy any image on this website for any purpose, you may not copy any photograph we have supplied to you and use it for any purpose. Because we created the photograph, we own the photograph even though you may be the subject, when you purchase a photo you are purchasing a copy of the image retained by us.

This means that if you wish to give someone a copy of one of our photographs you should purchase a second copy, if you wish to put one of our photographs on your website you should purchase a web image.

In Practice

To sell a Horse or Pony.

If you have purchased a photo and wish to use it to sell the horse/Pony you may do so without asking for our permission, however, you must include photo by with the photo. Please refer your advertiser to this page if they require authority.

If you prefer, to save you copying the photo and save you words in your advertisement I will send a digital copy of the photo. I will send this image to you or direct to the people needing it, please order a web image. Please email me to tell me whether the image will be used on a website or in a magazine ( i will supply a higher quality).

If you have not purchased the photo you wish to use you must do so please do not use any images fom the website.

If you would like to use our photographs on your website to sell a horse/pony etc you should buy a digital web image which will be of the size and quality 600 x 400 of the photo above. That image is not to be used for any other purpose including printing.

If I supply a photo as above please do not remove the Blue Print advertising on the photo or crop the photo so as to have the effect of removing the advertising.

If our photographs are to appear in a publication as part of an article please contact us for rates. We would also ask for a copy of the magazine with the article. We like to see our photos in print as well.

If you would like to use our photos for any purpose not covered here please ask.