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Banner/ Strip/ Sequence Montage - see more here

a combination of photos merged into one photo and is only available where we have photographed a number of photos in a sequence as the action has occurred. This is a special form of montage where each photo is placed side by side in sequence to show the various stages of the jump, trot, canter or gallop. I will attempt to merge the photos so that they appear as one and you may request I send you a proof first, you may also request writing be added to the photo. (Please look below to get an ideal of what can be done and what you like, I will add more examples shortly).

Because we are placing photos side by side the finished photo will be in a strip format with a fixed length 24, 36, 48 inches and a variable height, normally 7, 9 and 13 inches respectively. Although the length can be fixed the height cannot as it will depend on the number of fotos and the content of the fotos. The minimum number of photos is three and the maximum would normally be five.

To order a banner montage find the first of the photos you would like as part of the montage and select either 24, 36 or 48 banner Montage and Add to Shopping Basket then come back to the photos and find the second photo and select Additional photo and Add to Shopping Basket. Repeat this as many times as you wish.

Please see below for other examples